occ_airconics accesses the powerful Open CASCADE geometry kernel through the PythonOCC package. It is possible to build pythonocc-core from source by following their installation instructions, however a convenient and recommended alternative is to use the prebuilt conda packages suitable for win32/win64/osx64/linux64 users.

Note that occ_airconics is not currently available through PyPI.

Conda packages

pythonocc-core is listed as a dependency of occ_airconics, therefore users should simply add the appropriate conda channels to their ~/.condarc file:

conda config --add channels dlr-sc     # the pythonocc-core channel

conda config --add channels prchambers # the occ_airconics channel

Or do this manually by editing their ~/.condarc contents, e.g.:

    - defaults

Then install occ_airconics via

conda install occ_airconics

And that’s it! pythonocc-core will be installed automatically.

Installation from source

Obtain and build a copy of pythonocc-core from GitHub following their instructions.

Then clone occ_airconics from GitHub with:

git clone

And install with

cd occ_airconics
python install


pip install occ_airconics

Developers should also add the develop flag, i.e.

python install develop